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Monday, March 9, 2009

Just in case you missed Youth Group last night:

How to Stay Awake at Church

1. We all know someone who has physically fallen asleep in church – it may have been our own self!
2. Even famous American heroes have fallen asleep: Homer Simpson, Bill Clinton
3. Online there are many resources that have ideas on how to stay awake in church or what to do if you do fall asleep – it’s a common problem all over the world.
4. People fall asleep in church because they are tired or they are bored.
5. In a way, we all fall asleep in church because we are not focused on the real reason for being there. We are there simply to praise God, thank Him, hear His word, offer our commitments to him and learn about him.
6. How to stay awake: Stay FOCUSED on why we are really there. Church doesn’t exist just to fulfill our needs! Church is for GOD! When you are focused, that is ACTIVELY participating in worship (listening, singing, praying (not just when you accidently fell asleep) it would be very hard to fall asleep.
7. Coming to church to listen to God’s word might come in handy one day. What if you weren’t listening? What if you aren’t READY! Remember the parable of the wedding party (Matthew 22). Let’s FOCUS and BE READY!

This is just a brief summary of what we talked about. Next time, we hope you’ll join us.

This Sunday (3.15.09): The Bible Is NOT Lame!

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