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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wow! This week has been chock full of fun get togethers and great times! Thanks to the Gurney’s for hosting more than 15 of us “Older Youth” on Friday night. What a great evening of food and getting to know some of the youth group families. You know it was a good night when a youth group member asks the next morning, “Katy, why didn’t my parents get home until 1 o’clock last night?” (All I know is that I left around 10:30).

As for this morning, two of the three high school seniors arrived with Mike Ritchie for a breakfast burrito bar. We ate and discussed the Summer Trip and then finished off the morning with a few Mario Cart Races.

I know that many of you are getting excited about the summer trip and that your parents want to know the dates – me too! I’ve had some conversations with some adult leaders as well as some of the high school students and it looks like the summer trip will take place somewhere between the middle to the end of July. I should have an exact date in the next week or two. Also, everyone wants to know where are we going? Right now we have two excellent suggestions; South Carolina and Arizona. It seems like most people want to be near a body of water, some people want to do something they haven’t done before and most people want to work on a building project of some sort, perhaps a Habitat house.

I promise some answers soon!

I’ll see you all at Youth Group on Sunday at 6!

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